Our integration system for new believers and new members are stated below and upon completion, participants will establish a strong foundation in Christ and the church.


Our foundation class is designed to help new believers understand their new position in Christ and creates confidence and a great sense of belonging both in the church and in the Kingdom of God.


This is a comprehensive mentoring programme packaged together to help new members embrace the vision of this church and inspire them to take personal responsibility in playing their unique roles in the achievement of this God given vision and mandate.


Here in CCLC we strongly believe in the unique gifting of every believer in Christ and we passionately promote Kingdom service. This is why we have different teams positioned to help you discover your place. In CCLC we inspires people to serve and we believe you are going to enjoy serving God here. You can peruse the various teams existing in CCLC below.

Streams of mercy - Responsible for leading worship in church

Colours of mercy - Responsible for the inner and outer beauty/decor of the church

Power of mercy - Responsible for the audio and visual operations in the church

Seeds of mercy - Responsible for the children and teenagers church

Hands of mercy - Responsible for keeping order during services and cleanliness of the church

Spirit of mercy - Responsible for waiting on the ministers

Force of mercy - Responsible for praying for the church

Face of mercy - Responsible for the various media publications of the church

Tower of mercy - Responsible for general security of properties during church services

Friends of mercy - Responsible for the community projects of the church

For more information regarding any of the above teams please feel free to send an email to and there are people that are ready to help you out.