Our God is described in scripture in different remarkable ways but the one that stands out most is when he is called the KING OF GLORY (PSALM 27:4-8), at other times the God of glory (PSA 29:3). In the New Testament he is referred to as the Father of Glory (EPH 1:17). All the above scriptures are overwhelmingly clear evidence that Glory is synonymous with God. God’s glory is the ultimate expression of his Being and Worth. It represents everything that God is. Therefore it is a spiritual necessity for the Church of Jesus Christ today, if she is to engage in great and marvellous exploits for God’s kingdom on earth. This Glory is capable of changing the story of any man, woman and child for good. It was made manifest at a wedding in Cana of Galilee and shame was averted for good (John 2: 11). It is this understanding of His glory that got me excited about the Prophetic Watch Word to us in CCLC (House of Mercy) for the Year 2019, which is “THE YEAR OF THE WAVES OF GLORY”. As a church we look forward to diverse glorious encounters with God’s Glory throughout this year. Finally, I would like extend an invitation to everyone reading this message to join us in CCLC (House of Mercy) on this journey of “GLORY ENCOUNTERS” in 2019. I pray that the God of Glory give you several testimonies attesting to the power of the Waves of His Glory in your life, in Jesus name.

Memorable Moments